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Wedding list

MARRIAGE, the noblest of partnerships...

To set up a wedding list, the couple choose the items they’d like to have; or they’re given advice in the shop on how to create the Wedding Gift List of their dreams.

The guests go to our network of shops to purchase or contribute towards one of the chosen items.

All the couple have to do is then go to the shop where they set up the List, collect the purchased items and use the share vouchers to buy the remaining ones.

The Wedding Gift List is tailored to suit each couple: from the wedding rings to the engagement ring, from the watches to the pen that will seal the marriage commitment, the silver frame that perpetuates one of the happiest moments in the life of any couple, from the simple silver cutlery to the crystal and silver cruet set that stands out on any carefully set table, the service plate, the platters or even magnificent candelabra or handmade silver tea and coffee services, there are so many choices when setting up the Gift List.

Our wedding gift lists are a useful and comfortable service; the couple receive what they really like and the guests know they’ll be giving or contributing towards a present the couple really want.


  • Wide range of products and solutions;

  • Quality of customer service;

  • Product guidance and suggestions;

  • Setting up of Wedding Gift List with no obligation;

  • Home delivery of gifts in the Greater Lisbon area on the arranged date and at no extra cost.


  • 50% off wedding ring purchase when the Wedding Gift List is set up;

  • If 75% of the total value of the selected list is purchased, the couple benefit from a lifetime discount of 15% when purchasing products from the Torres Joalheiros network of shops, except in the case of Limited Editions or Special Editions;

  • If 75% of the total value of the Wedding List is purchased, we offer 10% of this value towards the honeymoon trip.

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