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September 11th, 2017

Boutique Rolex

On 9th December, 2010, thanks to Torres Joalheiros, Lisbon joined the exclusive club of the world’s finest capitals with single-brand Rolex Boutiques.
Lisbon has everything a brand like Rolex is looking for: managers, tourists, sportsmen and women, as well as a business community, all people who choose our capital for their professional and leisure pursuits.

With Rolex being the most well-known brand of luxury watches, what distinguishes this Boutique are the highest quality standards demanded by the brand – and a wide selection from the different collections.

TORRES and ROLEX: A partnership of almost half a century


The partnership with the luxury watch brand Rolex dates back to the 70s, when most of the jewelers and watchmakers in the country were afraid of such a bold move.

For Rolex, Torres had all the attributes for representation the brand; positioning, recognition, know-how and an enviable location in the heart of Lisbon.

The first Rolex Boutique in Portugal


All major capitals in the world have a Rolex brand boutique and Lisbon has everything a brand like Rolex looks for with its professional watches.

Managers, travelers, sportsmen and businessmen choose our capital for their professional and leisure gatherings.

Having matured the idea and the combination of interests of both brands, Torres has positioned itself as the ideal partner to open the first Rolex Boutique in Portugal.

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